Electrical Project management is one of our specialties. Starting from project initiation, planning, execution and managing resources to complete all electrical project related deliverable within budget and time along with dedicated team. We do Power installation project management in new construction sites, homes, apartments and flats, government buildings and more.Below are the best practices we follow in our project management services

1. Requirement Gathering

We identify Correct power/electrical  requirements for your building, home, apartments or office.

During this phase, we will  be able to know the level of expertise, the kind of power equipment, and your power needs. We engage our clients more often during this stage to avoid confusion along the way.

2. Planning

Planning is done together with client and the project team. As we know, plans always change. For this reason,we plan, re-plan, and plan until all plans fit each other’s schedules or needs.

3. Timeline

We make sure all our projects are completed within set timeline, budget, and resources. For this, Regular updates, meetings, and follow-ups between project teams are conducted.

For all our projects, we conduct daily scrums which are beneficial for taking updates, identifying challenges and upcoming tasks.

4. Good Project Team

Every project member has the required technical skills in order to contribute to the overall success and completion of our projects.

5. Visualize

Our project manager and team always have clarity of all the finished deliverable which guides everyone in the same direction.

 6. Healthy Risk

In our electrical works, we take health and safety requirements seriously. We ensure our work complies with the health and safety act contained in the laws of Kenya.

We also ensure our work is is done in the most safest way for human occupation and use.

7. Open Communication Policy

We communicate with client whenever necessary. We keep our clients updated of any new developments that may affect project timelines

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