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Powerware Systems Limited provides quality power service and maintenance support for your power equipment. Our team will guarantee full product support, repair and maintenance for every component of your equipment. Our highly qualified technicians can resolve your problem in the field or at your location.

The Customer Support Agreement (CSA):

Powerware Systems Limited is proud to provide the customer support agreement (CSA). CSA helps you plan for your company’s future while being kind to the environment. Continuous maintenance of your company’s power equipment is vital in order to ensure that your standby power equipment is always working when you need it. Simply put, the CSA minimizes risk.

  • Annual Services
  • Quarterly Inspections
  • Meggar Testing
  • Load Bank Testing
  • Extended Service Coverage for up to Five (5) Years
  • Rental Coverage Option
  • Priority Service
  • Level Payments (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)
  • No Upfront Costs
  • No Price Increases for up to Five (5) Years
  • Free Annual Customer Training
  • Scheduled Inspection and Preventive Maintenance
  • Discounts on Additional Repairs and Services
  • Contingency Planning Guide and Paper
  • Green Service

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We have the experience:

Our technicians service more than 2,500 contracted units a year. Our history and dedication to customer service has taught us the special considerations needed for the most common applications.

  • Standby Power must be 100% reliable. Poor battery maintenance and inspection practices cause most backup power failures.
  • Cogeneration/Combined Heat and Power (CHP) packages have very high initial cost. These units require maximum uptime to achieve positive financial return and environmental benefits.
  • Industrial Packages are typically found in chippers, grinders and shredders. Timing engine maintenance with hydraulic and/or mechanical maintenance can yield significant savings. Equipment failure can cause a critical loss of revenue or missing a deadline.
  • Fire Pumps protect human life and safety. Failure can quickly turn to tragedy in this highly regulated application. Exact maintenance records must be kept for compliance.
  • Landfill Gas power generation requires careful documentation and continual valve adjustments. This application typically has contractual production requirements to power utilities, so service timelines are very tight.

Key Benefits of Whole House Surge Protection

  • Protection of internet technology IoT devices, electrical and electronic gadgets and computing devices.
  • Protection for appliances and all other devices from internal surge anomalies, brownout, blackout and direct lightning strike.
  • Complete electrical system protection.
  • Trust in your complete electrical system.
  • Save time and money.
  • Reduce business owner’s stress.
  • Be ready for the biggest challenges.
  • Reduce cost.
  • Installs quickly.
  • 24/7 support.


  • Uninterruptible UPS power battery backup system support, maintenance and implementation.
  • Uninterruptible UPS power system data-grade and clean power backup and power surge protection system design and infrastructure support, maintenance and installation.
  • Brownout, blackout and direct lightning strike protection system design, support, maintenance and installation.
  • Uninterruptible UPS power system design and installation, support and maintenance for home and business.
  • Uninterruptible UPS power system remote management and monitoring, safe shutdown, generator set integration, battery and unit installation, maintenance servicing, repair and support.
  • Free site inspection for compliance and site safety standards recommendation.


Powerware provides quality and reliable power products which meet the industrial standards. Powerware prides itself in the provision of high standard equipment and services that aim at solving clients’ power needs.

Rest assured, Powerware got your back all the time.